Certificate lab

PIC dental gives your company the opportunity to offer your customers a new service that guarantees more work for your laboratory offering the best technology for multiple implants impression. Thus, the clinics have no need to make a big investment but as this system is portable you could give them this service in their clinics. So you get to have a better approach to your clinic and a greather reliance on your knowledge to improve the loyalty of dental clinics.

Quality Control is incorporated to dental processes, identifying bottlenecks and optimising every path to provide top-quality products. From Market analysis to machine setup or personal training, we take care of every step to ensure a smooth workflow constantly updated.

Certificate Lab implies high-quality and high-ability modern productive methods. Due to PIC dental integrative and open architecture, we developped an entire workflow to assist dentist and lab technicians from implant impression to prostheses finish including and entire selection of production machines.

CAD/CAM Production Center

PIC Dental Certificate Labs are provided with everything necessary to ensure success:

  • High level CAD/CAM training: ongoing CAD/CAM trainign for your employees.
  • Improve production capacity: industrial CAD/CAM knowledge for your laboratory.
  • Cost saving: new materials and better quality for CAD/CAM structures.
  • Technical support: design department at your service for screws and implant libraries.
  • Open systems integration: adapt the imminent 3D future with our know-how.
  • Clinic-Laboratory communication: increase satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Innovative dental lab image: upgrade your corporate image by offering cutting-edge services.

Meet the technology