Immediate Loading

For many years, dental implants have been the sole option for many who’ve suffered with lost or bad teeth. Traditional implants involve placing the implants and providing the tooth restoration after 3 to 6 months. This timeframe is needed for bone and gums to attach to the implant. The obvious disadvantage of this procedure is that it leaves the patient with no teeth or with a removable, temporary prosthesis. Many patients find this timeframe too long and uncomfortable and finally decide to forego the idea of dental implants.

In certain cases, immediate loading implant procedures are considered to be a better option than delayed implants. Immediate load implants are exposed to the chewing force immediately after implantation.

Clinical case lower arch immediate load

Immediate loading demand has constantly increased due to patient requirements. Our method differs radically from our competitors due to our temporary prostheses:

  • Directly screwed to implants without titanium abutments.
  • Passive fit guaranted.
  • Precisely designed and manufactured from previous planification study.
  • No need of clinical adjustment.
  • Provisional delivered sam day (less than 6 hours).


Immediate loading process