• Guaranteed Pasive Fit

    PIC dental printing method is more reliable , fast and accurate dental implant industry . Reinforces the clinical - laboratory relationship and adds value to the CAD / CAM structures.

  • PIC camera

    Is a 3D camera for intra-oral implants impression that captures the interrelated exact position of the patient implants in an open file. Is a high-precision Stereo camera capable of capturing implant positions and angulations.

  • Ultimate CAD/CAM Technologies

    We managed to develop a complete ecosystem for screw retained implant prostheses to provide every clinical, tool hardware and software implicated in the process, all of them amazingly integrated.

  • CAD/CAM Production Center

    Quality Control is incorporated to dental processes, identifying bottlenecks and optimising every path to provide top-quality products. From market analysis to machine setup or personal training.

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