PIC camera


PIC camera is a 3D camera for intra-oral implants impression that captures the interrelated exact position of the patient implants in an open file. Is a high-precision Stereo camera capable of capturing implant positions and angulations interrelated to obtain an open STL file containing every geometry needed to design the final structure.

PIC camera is the only device that has effectively proven to capture patient implant positions regardless the number of implants per arch, their position, distances or angulations. PIC camera captures a bigger area to ensure that all implants are scanned at a time, therefore the camera is not introduced inside the patient´s mouth making the process more comfortable.

Photogrammetry is the leading industrial technology for optical measurements, that enables the PIC camera to outdistance both conventional implant impression methods and intraoral scanners, offering an unmatched level of accuracy.

  • The world´s first device to obtain a precise impression on multiple implants.
  • Photogrammetry: industrial reference technology perfectly adapted to dental demands.
  • Completely open system fully integrated with actual dental software.

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